Lighter & Brighter Wellness offers counseling services and emotional support for women and young adults. Build your self esteem as you learn important self-care and self regulation skills to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Tune Into You and Tap Into Strength

There is a core truth within each of us that often gets hijacked by outside influences. It takes practice and support to learn to trust yourself. Lighter & Brighter Wellness helps you develop self care tools to fortify yourself, gain clarity, and nurture your inner strength. 

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Individual sessions help

you gain insight, learn new skills, and take control of your emotional life to reduce stress and anxiety.


Tapping Circles and customized group sessions give participants a place to learn and practice EFT and other self regulation skills.


Online courses, webinars and free downloads help support your personal development.

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Explore videos, meditations, audio clips and other resources to fill your Skillsbox© and send you on your personalized strength-based power trip.


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