One-to-One Coaching

For anyone seeking a greater sense of calm, one-on-one coaching sessions are the simplest way to learn self-soothing tools that you can call upon in any scenario when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Not every remedy comes in a pill

Tools for Teachers, Parents and Students

Tappingtime is dedicated to providing training and support for Teachers, Parents and Students to reduce stress and anxiety through evidence-based Emotional Freedom Techniques and other somatic based methods for self-care, calming and soothing.


Diana J., Bali
Pattie H., USA
Certified EFT Practioner & Wellness Advisor
Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer

Nick D.

School Administrator

Susan introduced me to tapping and all of its benefits.  Tapping provided a sense of self awareness, calm and focus that wasn't like anything I have experienced.  Susan effectively shared this skill with our staff and helped many students relax and focus utilizing tapping as well.  It was truly a benefit to our school!

Kelli B.

Elementary School Teacher

Susan's tapping techniques helped to bring a sense of calm and focus to students. Tapping helped children get back on track after recess, and/or at the end of a long day.

Kristen F.

Elementary School Teacher

I really enjoyed becoming more familiar with the benefits of Tapping with Susan.  I found that it helped many students in my class self-regulate and calm themselves down. Many of my students used Tapping on their own when they were upset.  I'll definitely use Tapping again with my classes. 

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